Personal Data Protection
Law n.196/2003 - Clause for clients and suppliers

Personal data collected directly and/or through third parties by the controller
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are processed in printed, computing and telematic form for the performance of contractual and lawful obligations as well as for the effective handing of business relations, also for future use.
The non-submittal of data, where not compulsory, will be evaluated from time to time by the controller and the resulting decisions to be made will take into account the importance of the required data in respect of the business relation management.

Data may be disclosed, strictly in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes, and consequently processed, only in relation to the said purpose, by the other subjects:

* our agents organization
* factoring companies
* banks
* credit recovery companies
* credit insurance company
* business information companies
* professional and consultants

In relation to the same purposes, data may be processed by the following classes of executors or processors:

* personnel of sales and marketing departments
* personnel of administration department
* personnel of purchasing department
* personnel of quality and internal auditing department

The data subjects may exercise all the rights set forth in art.7 of L.n.196/2003 (including the rights of data access, updating, objects to data processing and cancellation)